Thinking Outside the Todo list

How many to do list apps, productivity apps, and reminder apps have you tried? Even spent money on hoping that it will help you get some semblance of structure and routine in your life? Then sat there weeks later looking at the various apps on your phone and realizing you have 30 apps to remind you but no app to remind you to check your reminder apps unless you are like me and put a reminder in your phone calendar. Yeah it is that bad.

How many times have you sat down and written out a to do list? Made a spreadsheet? Bought an expensive planner and calendar system? How many hours have you spent trying to build a foundation and structure to build your habits and routines on? If you’re like me probably hundreds of hours.

How did you feel after it all? Frustrated? Depressed? Like just another failure? Lazy even? Or like you were sabotaging yourself?

You aren’t lazy. You aren’t sabotaging yourself. You are simply not a person for whom these things work. Yeah maybe they work for 98% of the population. But there is that 2%, the population that includes me, that our brains just can’t seem to grasp this and make it useable much less something to be worthy of remembering.

How many post it notes are up around the house? Yeah, me too. Until I found out that had the opposite effect on me, now I just glance past every single post it note. Even the important ones. It’s because it became overwhelming and my brain shut it out. Thanks brain, but come on I’m struggling here could you send me a fold or two please!?

So what will work for a brain like mine? Well, it’s time to get creative. I created a video, which I’m horrible at, that is just a basic overview of what I need to do each day bare minimum. Now, my phone has a reminder and it’s set to text me and email me as well as set off an alarm when the reminder is triggered. Then my Google home and Alexa are going to remind me too. Will this work? I have no idea but I know every thing else has not been working so far so it’s time to get creative. It’s time to change it up. My brain is not typical, why treat it as such?

Here is a link to my video. Like I said, it’s not good, it’s not pretty, it’s not neat. It just needs to help me.

Routine Reminder

What are you creative ways to help yourself outside of to do lists and reminder apps?

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