Welcome to My Dysfunction

Hello World!

New blog about my current struggles in life. Executive dysfunctioning. Oh the glory and the chaos!

Well executive dysfunctioning is not actually glorious generally speaking, but it certainly is chaotic.

So what is executive functioning and why is the dysfunctioning of it so hard?

Thanks to ADDtitude Magazine we have at least a good basic definition to use here.

What Is Executive Function?

Think of executive function as what the chief executive officer of a company must do — analyze, organize, decide, and execute. Around the time of puberty, the frontal part of the cortex of the brain matures, allowing individuals to perform higher-level tasks like these:

  1. Analyze a task

  2. Plan how to address the task

  3. Organize the steps needed to carry out the task

  4. Develop timelines for completing the task

  5. Adjust or shift the steps, if needed, to complete the task

  6. Complete the task in a timely way


So in essence, executive functioning is the very ability to simply meet all the needs of day to day life. When it goes amiss or is dysfunctional, as in my case, the ability to live becomes very difficult.

From a young age I had some kind of executive functioning disorder. Even my parents can tell you that we all struggled with my lack of executive functioning. Now this doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent. That I can’t solve problems or that I can’t actually function in my day to day life. No, this means that I just struggle with certain things like planning and task initiation. I struggle with organization and yes I’m that person who forgets where I put my keys or my wallet constantly. So I have to set up things just right, in plain sight, and do my best to not deviate from whatever routines I have developed to cope with my struggles and disability.

Executive function disorder is often associated with ADD/ADHD but this disorder can affect a wide variety of individuals, with our without ADD/ADHD. Its not uncommon to be comorbid with Autism Spectrum (I am autistic, yay!), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, OCD (Yes, this is totally possible), Personality Disorders, and other conditions like menopause!

It is commonly seen in children as until a certain developmental age and brain maturity, this part of the brain does not fully develop. It can develop in adulthood too, following incidences of PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury.

In my case, I had an executive functioning disorder both in childhood that has been exasperated in adulthood by trauma and illness. Add in the fact that I am now in surgical menopause and wow, my brain is beyond dysfunctional in my day to day operations.

This blog is about my struggles, the coping mechanisms I’m putting in place, how I am overcoming parenting and being a stay at home parent who is responsible for the majority of the household management. My husband is the CEO of the house and I’m the COO. That means I manage all the operations and he just oversees it because he is the breadwinner for us, allowing me to stay home. So welcome to my dysfunction. Welcome to the life of a dysfunctional executive.

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